Our Services

We help product owners harness the full potential of cloud computing to build better products, integrate backend solutions and ultimately grow their business.

Application Development

New Product Development

You have no existing applications or infrastructure. Let us help you go from 0 to 1. We lead the planning, strategy, and development of your app. We use only modern technologies to ensure your product is sustainable and futureproof.

Enhance or Rebuild

You have existing applications and infrastructure. We lead the planning, strategy, and development of new apps that will supplement and add value to your existing systems. Have a struggling project? We can help you get to the finish line.

Cloud and Modernization

Cloud Native

You want to level up your apps and infrastructure. Develop modern capabilities such as automation or containers, with cloud.

Refactor for cloud

Your apps are outdated or broken. You want to take advantage of the cloud. We will redevelop your apps to achieve minimum viability and add new functionality if necessary. Built for the cloud.


You have modern apps and infrastructure on cloud provider such as GCP, AWS, or Azure. You want to move to another provider. We will lead and execute your rehosting.


You have apps that will benefit from new tech. You want to be innovative and futureproof. We will reshape your apps and optimize using cloud native services.

Managed Services

Innovation Workshops

Cloud Discovery

Identify which stage in cloud adoption your business finds itself. Consider the progression of your industry and competition and how that might impact your business. Assess the current state of your software and what is possible at later states. Address concerns around security and compliance.

Cloud Technology Specialized

Satisfy your curiosity for advanced technologies such as multicloud, Voice Automation, Machine Learning, Robotics, and IoT. How do you identify the projects worth pursuing? We have real world, functioning concepts that demonstrate the real business value of advanced technologies.