Leading companies who wish to grow must invest in the future. Bitstrapped is your partner in solving big problems with technology.

What we do

Cloud Architecture

Rapid prototyping

Innovation lab

Lean innovation to discover what is possible with cutting-edge cloud technology, with actual code, resulting in cost effective software projects.

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Data Itegration

Solutions Architecting

Engineering for the cloud

Solutions designed to solve specific business problems at scale. Whether it be disruptive product innovation or re-engineering software for the cloud.

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Customer Engineering

Managed Services

Reliability at scale

Automation to improve customer satisfaction, achieved through real-time monitoring, continuous integration and service level management.

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Customer Success

The Future of Retail is Personalization

Passen partnered with Bitstrapped to launch a revolutionary technology to solve the issue of clothing fit for online shoppers. This platform ensures less returns and consumer dissatisfaction. The application personalizes the process of buying clothes through an algorithm that references over 150 body measurements in seconds, remembering fit preferences and suggesting products guaranteed to fit the customers body.

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Notable Clients

Technologies we have built are trusted and currently used by: