Case Studies

Rapid Cloud Prototypes for Microsoft

Microsoft chose Bitstrapped to rapidly prototype two web applications for a change management initiative. Prototypes were completed in 8-12 weeks using the Graph API and Microsoft Azure.

Pioneering ML in the Oil & Gas industry

Integral and Bitstrapped are in collaboration on a cloud data solution that applies machine learning technology for energy infrastructure maintenance and operations.

Enhancing Software with New Cloud Capabilities

Bitstrapped helped Resolver bring offline capabilities to a mobile app through cloud computing. Synchronization of mobile data with a central database allowed Resolver to support new uses like remote medicine.

Doctor-Patient Audio Transcription

Automated medical reports dictacted by physicians through voice-recorded transcription. Enhance patient experience and standardize health records.

Encrypted Chat for Healthcare Patient-Provider

Bitstrapped partnered with Stella's Place to develop BeanBagChat, a HIPAA compliant chat solution for mental health which is being launched in post-secondary institutes nationwide.