2-Hour Crash Course in Machine Learning

Learn the journey your data and team must take to operationalize predictive intelligence and better business insights


Advances in Machine Learning have introduced new challenges for software development and disrupted traditional Business Analytics. This has created the need for teams to learn new skills and advanced tools that provide deeper insights from existing data. In addition, Data Science teams and engineers need to manage many new complex systems to productionalize Machine Learning models.

In response to these challenges, we launched our Crash Course to help teams improve decision-making using Machine Learning hosted on scalable cloud-based infrastructure. In this workshop we emphasize data processing, analytics workflows, and automating prediction.

This 2-Hour Crash Course is designed to enable your team to implement and manage a predictive ML solution on Google Cloud, with an approach that will ensure measurable business value.

In this workshop session we will enable your team with Machine learning capabilities, that will allow you to:

  • Assess how Machine Learning should fit into your technology strategy and architecture

  • Explore our best practice examples of how to apply Machine Learning

  • Run models in the cloud that generate predictions you can test, iterate, and integrate

  • Learn modern data management protocol and data processing workflows to manage your data

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Who Should Attend?

The session is designed for analytics team leaders, business analysts, software engineers, and teams responsible for managing data and producing business analytics solutions.


Bitstrapped is a Google Cloud Partner specialized in Machine Learning readiness and advanced data solutions. Our experts remove technical barriers and help you deliver solutions that are built right the first time.

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Faisal Abid

CTO, Cloud and ML

Faisal is an engineer and Google Developer Expert. He has led high growth companies through technology challenges across the stack. Faisal has been a speaker for 11 years and has delivered over 100 technical sessions. He is an expert on Flutter, Machine Learning, Scaling with the Cloud and more.

Jesse Albiston

Facilitator, Solution Architect

Jesse is your Facilitator responsible for the translation of business objectives into defined solutions and technology potential. His passion is to inspire teams to survive and thrive in today’s rapidly changing, complex environment. Jesse has seen first hand how Machine Learning plays a role in moving businesses into the future. He introduces our playbook in this crash course.