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Our workshops uncover and discuss applications of data technology and business modernization with data. The experience is personalized to contain hands-on activities, concrete examples, and guidance relevant to your current maturity.

Bitstrapped offers two types of workshop sessions:


Explore how your business objectives and technology opportunities can guide your future vision and investment in technology.

Designing your Ideal Data Infrastructure

How to improve decision-making using scalable, secure, cloud-based architecture with an emphasis on data processing and analytics workflows.


Upskill your team and raise the bar with our hands on and personalized sessions that result in clarity and a future state in mind.

Machine Learning: Make predictions with data

Learn the journey your data must take prior to powering insights and intelligence for your business.

Workshop Experience

  • Pre-workshop Discovery Call

    Uncover your business objectives that inform technology outcomes. Pinpoint opportunity and target learnings and solution areas.

  • Pre-workshop Preparation

    Our instructors personalize the workshop experience with relevant use cases, technology and engagement activities.

  • Delivery

    Our workshops are a half or full-day experience with a hands-on discussion and activity format. Sessions are in-person typically, but we offer remote in select cases.


  • Get educated on the latest and greatest in tech.

  • Feel inspired by a new perspective and practical understanding of opportunities to innovate and modernize.

  • In select cases, participants leave with tangible output such as a co-designed architecture diagram or solution.


"We have been very impressed by the expertise the Bitstrapped team brings to the table and how flexible they are in meeting our specific requirements for a wide range of engineering applications."

Brent Ayton, Consulting Engineer

Integral Engineering

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