Software, delivered.

An innovation arm for your business. We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs, software engineers and cloud architects, filled with passion, and fueled by coffee.

Understanding Our Capabilitites

Product Development

Agile software development to discover, design and launch quality engineered applications. Using rapid prototyping principals to validate products in the marketplace before scaling.

  • Minimum Marketable Product.
  • Minimum Viable Product.
  • Mobile Strategy.
  • Solution Mapping.
Design & UX Lean Prototyping Agile development Beta Launch Strategy

Product Management

The aim is to improve user satisfaction through the use of short feedback loops, continuous integration of enhancements and feature prioritization for both the near and long term.

  • Product Roadmapping.
  • Product Enhancement.
  • Customer Feedback.
  • Support & DevOps.
Enterprise Engineering Site-Reliability

Cloud Solutions

Create a cloud-first strategy to solve business problems at scale. Whether it be a new disruptive product or re-engineering legacy software for the cloud, the cloud represents a cutting-edge opportunity.

  • Healthcare in the cloud.
  • Voice Technology.
  • Modernization.
  • Migration.
Google Cloud AWS Azure Digital Ocean Containerization

Cloud Maturity Workshop

Identify at which stage in cloud adoption your business is. Understand your progress in relation to your industry and how this relates to your success.